Dermatologist Tested Skin Care Products - Summer Summit Dermatologist Tested Skin Care Products - Summer Summit
Be You Beautifully
Dermatologist Tested Skin Care Products Dermatologist Tested Skin Care Products
Be You Beautifully

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At Summer Summit healthy, beautiful skin starts with our luxury, spa inspired clinically-proven lineup of daily beauty formulas which are sold and highly recommended by spas and dermatologists throughout the World.

Summer Summit premium skin care products which are cruelty-free, free of sulfates, parabens, formaldehyde-releasing ingredients, artificial dyes or fragrances and other harmful irritants.

Esthetician's choice

Our Estheticians Choice line-up are scientifically proven pure ingredient's, used by skin care professionals not watered down or with fillers.


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No-nonsense, result-driven daily beauty products developed by a Professor of Cosmetic Dermatology at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine with 25+ years of skin care experience. 

Dermatologist Tested Skin Care Products - Summer Summit
Dermatologist Tested Skin Care PRODUCTS

These highly effective dermatologist tested skin care products have been proven in spa's and dermatologist offices throughout the world. Now available to you from Summer Summit 


While we know you and your skin will love these formulas. Simply return the product if you are unsatisfied for any reason.

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We are always striving to improve and would sincerely appreciate your opinion of Summer Summit products and services. Please email with any questions, feedback or concerns

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The Summer Summit Team

Dermatologist Tested Skin Care Products - Summer Summit
Katie McCann

Hello and welcome to Summer Summit.

Like many people I struggled with skin concerns growing-up. As an adult, concerns have changed but I still have to stay focused on taking care of my skin and complexion daily.

Living the beach and boating lifestyle in Miami, and after several years of research developing Summer Summit, I've learned how incredibly important applying an SPF product daily is to your complexion today, and especially, well into your future.

As I began the journey of learning about my skin and how to take care of myself I grew weary of the many skin care products, their empty promises, hype and lack of effectiveness that left me with more questions than answers and entirely too many half full bottles in my vanity.

We've partnered with Dematologists, Spas and FDA compliant labs to produce the same high quality, clinically proven products they count on to keep their lifelong clients happy.

I launched Summer Summit to deliver these scientifically proven products and as important to me, provide informative factual information our customers can count on.

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