Radiant Skin Care: 3 Steps to More Radiant Skin!


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3 Steps to More Radiant Skin!

Google “how to get radiant skin”, and you will be met with articles promoting dozens of home remedies or expensive products to achieve the sought-after “glowing” daily beauty complexion that we would all love to achieve. 

Good news, we have the secret here! The secret to, create beauty,  to achieving glowing skin comes down to a few simple steps. Focus on these 3 tips to enjoy the most radiant skin of your life! 

If you were to zoom in 100x to your skin, you would see very distinct layers. 

The deepest layer of your skin cells are brand new, plump, and ready to be revealed to the world. They contain the highest levels of hydration out of all of your cells. Think of them as resembling fresh grapes!

The next layer, closer to the surface of your skin is skin cells that have been out in the elements for a few days now. Oxidative stress is showing its effects, and hydration is dwindling. The cells are “shriveling up” a bit and losing the radiant glow of the deeper skin cells. Think of this layer as resembling raisins.

The final layer sits right on the very surface of your skin. It’s there almost all the time but doesn’t need to be at all. These are the dead skin cells that are serving no purpose except to make your complexion look dull. Think of them as resembling corn flakes

Achieving glowing skin is simply a matter of removing the dead skin cells and nourishing the other two layers so they stay as plump and radiant as they can! Naturally, your skin completely regenerates all 3 layers every 27 days or so.

Let’s look at 3 ways you can keep your skin radiant!


Exfoliating is an important step, but it comes with a warning. Over-exfoliating can lead to irritation and sensitive skin. To avoid this, use a high-quality exfoliator and be very gentle when you use it. The goal is to slough a very minuscule layer of cells, so heavy pressure or strong chemicals are not needed. You can use a physical exfoliator (a scrub) or a chemical exfoliator like our Glycolic line of cleansing pads and moisturizers. Both are good and will achieve similar results.

Hydrate Inside and Out

Keep Those cells as plump as possible with proper hydration. Getting enough water in your daily routine will help plump them from the inside out (try for 10 glasses a day, more if you are active). You can hydrate your cells from the outside with quality skincare as well. Look for peptides and hyaluronic acid on the ingredients list for the most effective hydration. Try our Ultralight moisturizer or Restorative Night Time Therapy Cream!

Get Your Vitamins

This tip is good for inside and out as well! Eating non-processed, vitamin-rich foods will not only improve your overall health but will transform your skin. The micronutrients in fresh fruits and vegetables go to work helping to repair the bonds between skin cells and maximizing the efficiency with which your cells do their jobs.

In your skincare, vitamins boost the work your body is already doing to improve your skin even further. 

All vitamins have their place but activated Vitamin C is especially successful at revealing brighter skin. It’s a natural antioxidant that not only brightens your skin, but protects it from further damage. Using our visual from above, Vitamin C helps protect the “grape” cells from becoming “raisins” as fast. 

Many of our products contain vitamins but the Vitamin A ,Advanced Retinol and Vitamin C Serum are formulated with an extra boost of this skin brightening vitamin! 

Your skin knows what it’s doing. Unfortunately, it has to fight against environmental stress and other factors that are working to damage it. Focusing on these 3 tips will help relieve the stress on your skin, allowing it to do what it does best and stay radiant and healthy for years to come!

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