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By Summer Summit Online Skincare Katie McCann 


Basics of Exfoliation: How to Do it Right?

Smooth and radiant skin is a skincare goal for daily beauty almost for all of us. However, achieving it depends on several factors. Exfoliating dead skin cells from the surface play a significant role. Unfortunately, many of us do not know the basics of exfoliation. Doing it right makes the skin soft, silky, and glowing, and doing it wrong leads to skin irritation and potential damage. Here are some simple guidelines to go along for exfoliating your skin without disrupting your skin barrier.

Choose the Right Exfoliator

Exfoliation is an integral part of the skincare routine, and the simple rule of thumb, “One size does not fit all.” applies to it. Instead, choose an exfoliating formula that suits your skin type. For example, a gel scrub is suitable for oily skin, a cream formula with some hydrating ingredients for dry skin, and fruit enzyme peel for sensitive skin. The peeling masks are a perfect option for seeking the gently exfoliating your skin, realizing the benefits of exfoliating face and improving skin texture. Glycolic acid is considered a gentle skin exfoliating agent that helps remove debris from clogged pores, enhances skin luminosity, and evens tone. You can also consider a skin exfoliation tool

Exfoliate at Night

Your skin is most active at night. This is the time to create beauty when it repairs and regenerates itself. Exfoliating your skin at night allows it to breathe and ensures the effective absorption of skincare products. In addition, if your skin gets red quickly, it will have ample time to calm down after the treatment.

Exfoliate the Right Way

Applying a lot of product and scrubbing your skin aggressively will not smoothen the texture. Instead, it will damage your skin barrier and makes it susceptible to irritation and rash. Take a pea-sized quantity of the product and apply it to a well-cleansed damp face. Massage it in circular and outwards motions gently. Once done, rinse with lukewarm water.

Moisturize Your Skin Post Exfoliation

Once the dead skin cells get removed from pores, they become able to breathe and receptive to moisturizers and creams. So, it is a great time to pamper your skin with effective skincare products that target your skin concerns while hydrating it deeply. For example, you can try a serum, a multi-complex night cream, or a brightening moisturizer.

Apply Sunscreen Daily

When your pores are clean and are not filled with debris, there are chances that pollutants, UV rays, and environmental stressors start to set deep in your pores and lead to many skin problems. So, it is critical to wear sunscreen daily with a minimum of SPF 30.

The Bottom Line

The path to clear, smooth, and radiant skin should not feel out of reach. Now you have got to know the basics of exfoliation; you can effortlessly achieve your beautiful skin goals. Visit Summer Summit, where you will find a wide range of exfoliating skincare products for home and professional use. In addition, we offer safe and effective products targeting various skin concerns. Check them out for a smoother, supple, and more revitalized complexion.

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