Acne and Self Confidence

Acne and Self Confidence

By Zaryab Akram Khan

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Acne and Self Confidence

Society has put a lot of burden on physical appearance, and acne does not only affect your skin but your also self-esteem and confidence. It can even cause anxiety and depression. Teenagers and young adults are most generally affected, but men also have a significant disease prevalence. It can be mild, moderate, or severe. However, all types have a powerful effect on the patient's body image and mental health.

How Acne Deteriorates Your Confidence?

Whether you experience some random skin imperfection or a constant battle with acne, you may feel like you lack confidence over time. The simple thought of attending a family dinner, date, or friend reunion shakes your entire mood. People with acne overthink, which can make them feel unsupported, and socially isolated from others.  

Depression & Anxiety Associated with Acne

The person suffering from acne often can feel depressed, anxious, and angry. However, adults and teens equally suffer from the negative effects of acne. This is possibly because the condition lasted longer or is resistant to treatment, or there is a significant stigma for adults with acne, which is often mistaken as a teenage problem

Secondly, our society emphasizes physical appearance and makes people self-conscious, whether it is the gap between their teeth, the size of their nose, or their waist size. Acne typically develops on the face, the part we share daily with the world. So it is difficult to hide it and can make us anxious and embarrassed.

Acne & Self-Esteem

People with acne can feel uncomfortable talking in front of other people about their skin. They avoid taking pictures of themselves as they feel ashamed of their appearance. Acne may also affect the skin on the back and shoulders. Mostly women with back acne feel guilty about it and avoid swimming or wearing open-back outfits. They feel unattractive, and it leads to the deterioration of their self-esteem.

How to Control Acne and Boost Your Confidence & Self-Esteem

You should not allow acne to overpower you. Instead, get the proper treatment at the right time. Acne treatment is crucial for those struggling with it for a long time to bring a positive change in their lives.

Talk to a dermatologist and let him know that acne is causing depression and affecting your self-esteem. Never hesitate about things that can improve your skin and quality of life.

Nothing matters more than your feelings and confidence. So, try to share what you feel about your skin condition with your partner, friend, or family. People who love you will encourage you and boost your self-confidence. Many times you will find they have had their own struggles. A good skincare routine is crucial to control acne, as there are many beneficial products that clear acne and acne scars. They will help keep your skin healthy and acne at bay over time.

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