3 Skincare Ingredients that Sound Scary but are Actually Amazing


3 Skincare Ingredients that Sound Scary but are Actually Amazing

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By SummerSummit Online Skincare 

3 Skincare Ingredients that Sound Scary but are Actually Amazing

The best nutrition advice to create beauty is to avoid any food that you can’t pronounce the ingredients of. Stick to ingredients that are as natural as possible. Naturally, we assume it is the same for skin care; some sources even tell us that! “Don’t use skincare that you can’t pronounce the ingredients of”. 

The truth is that many natural ingredients are irritating if used in skincare, just as many synthetic ingredients are extremely soothing and effective. 

Every day we are bombarded with a flood of information. It can be hard to separate fear-mongering and marketing tactics from scientific facts. 

Let us help put some of the misinformation to rest so that you can feel good about what you put on your skin! The more you know, the more confident you can be in the skincare you choose. 

Let’s look at 3 ingredients that are not quite as scary as they may seem!

Capric Triglyceride

Capric Triglyceride is a fatty acid, and in skin care is very different from the triglycerides connected to high cholesterol. It is a nonirritating emulsifier that helps fat-soluble vitamins go to work, but the benefits don’t stop there! 

Capric Triglyceride is also an effective emollient that:

  • helps smooth and hydrate the skin
  • decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • has antioxidant properties to reverse the signs of aging and protect from free radical damage
  • has antibacterial properties that help balance your skin’s natural biome
  • helps the other ingredients in the product blend well together

Capric Triglycerides are included in many of our products, including our Ultra Replenishing Sunscreen SPF 40 

Squalene and Squalane

What’s the difference between squalene and squalane? Squalene is naturally produced by the oil glands in your body and works to hydrate and protect your skin. After we turn 30, the natural production of squalene slows down, which is why we experience an increase in signs of aging. 

If the natural form of squalene was added to skincare, it would quickly oxidize and be rendered ineffective. Thankfully, cosmetic scientists have found a way to make sure your skin can continue receiving the benefits of squalene by converting it into squalane.

The synthetic version, which is derived from a variety of plants, will help build your skin’s natural barrier that protects it from environmental damage and is suitable for all skin types!

It is a very beneficial ingredient to have in your skincare, and you can find it in our Enriched Moisture Cream. 


Polyhydroxybutyrate is in the Polyhydroxy acid family, which is often shortened to PHA’s. They are a chemical exfoliant, but a super gentle one. This basically means that with consistent use, they will help to retexturize and smooth your skin, while simultaneously retaining moisture. 

It can also help other ingredients penetrate the deeper layers of your skin, making them more effective. PHA’s can be found in our Vita-B Enzyme Polish

This is just 3 of a long list of scary-sounding ingredients. There are definitely are some ingredients that are as scary as they sound, but by digging a little deeper and learning about them, you can be informed and confident about the products you are using on your skin!














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